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Alicia's Bridal and The Formal House have been the Bellingham tradition for over 50 years.

We have had the pleasure of dressing brides and grooms worldwide. We pride ourselves in providing Bellingham, Seattle, Vancouver B.C. and surrounding areas of the Northwest with the most up to date fashion trends. We search to find the most attractive designs to flatter all figures in all price ranges. Together, Alicia's offers bridal gowns in a moderate to couture selection that you can afford and The Formal House offers the only in stock inventory in the area with over 4000 tuxedos and the a great selection of the hottest new styles on the market. We also take care of the rest of your wedding party with several lines of bridesmaid dresses and mother's gowns as well.

We offer experiences, not just apparel! The perfect partners for your wedding!

Are You Going to be the Life of the Party or Sitting Down with Your Shoes Flung to the Side Rubbing Your Feet?

Alicia's Bridal

Just a few tips to make sure you are dancing the night away.

  • Wear your shoes around the house or office at least a week before the wedding. Let your feet get used to the new pressure points, so you don’t develop blisters the day of the wedding.
  • Spray your feet with an anti-perspirant to avoid hot, sticky feet. This also helps if your shoes are dyed since you don’t want your feet to be a lovely shade of claret.
  • Do a little dance in the driveway or on the sidewalk to rough up the bottom of your shoes. We want you to walk down the aisle, not slide.
  • If you are wearing different shoes for the reception and the heel is lower keep in mind your hem will be too!  If you are dancing you might want to pin up the front of your dress to avoid an embarrassing fall.
  • If your feet swell in hot weather make sure you are well hydrated and that you put your feet up for a few minutes before the wedding.
  • Lightly powder the inside of your shoes to avoid rubbing.
  • Bring moleskin (you can purchase at most drug stores) that you can place on your foot if you develop a sore spot.
  • Try Ball-of-Foot or Heel Grips to cushion all the right places like the ball of your foot, the back of your heel etc. Comfort is not overrated! Strapeez to keep straps from digging in or insole cushions to make those gorgeous shoes comfortable for your whole wedding day! We have all of these available at Alicia's Bridal and for those smart shoppers get all the right stuff for your feet in the Cinderella Kit!
  • Pick the right shoe! If you have wider feet, don’t pick a tiny strappy sandal if your feet tend to swell. If you always wear flats don’t wear a 3 1/2” heel for your wedding without lots of practice.  If you wear flip flops remember the sound you will make walking down the aisle.
  • Protect yourself and your heels from sinking in the grass or mud, gravel or paver disaster with Solemates. We sell these like crazy for outdoor summer weddings! They are available in narrow, classic, and wide widths for stilettos to "normal" heels. Pick up some for you and your bridesmaids when you are in to pick up your dress!
  • Bring another pair of shoes with a similar heel height just in case your feet hurt so you can change into those. That will change the pressure points and give your feet a rest.
  • Enjoy your wedding!


Tip of the Day

When you are picking up your bridal gown for your summer wedding bring the biggest car you own! Our gowns are pressed for pick-up and in 10ft.

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