When Should I Order My Wedding Dress?

When purchasing your wedding attire, we recommend allowing  9-12 months for bridal gowns, 5 months for bridesmaid dresses & 2-3 months for tuxedos or suits. That gives us the perfect amount of time to special order a gown for you in the correct size and color, and have the necessary time for alterations adjustments. However, if you have less time, let us know! There are many options available even with a shorter time frame such as purchasing from select dresses from Alicia’s inventory, placing a rush order (if the designer offers one), and checking to see if a designer has your gown in stock or coming in sooner than the regular delivery time. We will do everything possible with the time you have to get you the gown of your dreams! Our goal however, is to eliminate the need for any extra charges like rushes, or expediting the shipping to get the dress in time. If you have a summer 2018 wedding you need to order your gown very soon!

A gown typically takes 4-5 months to come in when we special order it for you and then you have fittings and alterations to complete. Alterations appointments during the summer can be booked out months in advance especially on Saturdays so allowing yourself extra time will make your life less stressful! Then you need to allow time for the seamstress to complete the work on your gown. Keep in mind you are one of hundreds of brides that our two independent contractor seamstresses need to dedicate their time and expertise to, so allowing more time is always beneficial! If you do have less time or you are an out of town bride ask for our alteration referral list.

Our commitment to you is to provide the best selection and service available. We form great relationships with our brides and our goal is to exceed your expectations!

We enjoy working with brides and their wedding parties to make your wedding special and unique to you. The process of finding the gown all the way to the day you pick it up for your wedding should be a fun and stress free process. Please check out our reputation online as well as with friends and family. Alicia’s Bridal and the Formal House have been owned and operated by the Needham/Reed family in Whatcom County for over 60 years! 

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