Six Quick Tips to Find the Perfect Photographer

It is essential to find the perfect photographer for your wedding day.  A well-chosen photographer will make your day smoother and carefree.  To find your perfect fit, consider these tips…


Tip #1:
Know Your Style

To understand your true photography likes and dislikes sit down with your significant other and look through magazines, websites, and venue albums – any pictures you two can find to help define your personal photography style.  What I recommend, is cutting out pictures from magazines or other images that catch your attention.  Really think about what you want your photographer to capture on the big day: more traditional family pictures, candid shots, etc.  Once you start to research and do something deep thinking, you’ll see a photography style start to emerge.


Tip #2
Find a Match

Scrolling through websites is a perfect way to view albums and the photographer’s work quickly and conveniently.  Try to look for websites that give a wide range of weddings and wedding locations, providing testimonials from recently married couples.  Also sneak a look at the baseline prices for photographers; if the price is below your budget, you’re off to a great start.  Photographers have additional prices for traveling fees, extra prints, editing, etc. so make sure to be conscious of those before setting up appointments with individual photographers.


Tip #3
Meet the Photographer

Many couples are confused by photography studios who have them interview with a photographer or a salesperson who is not the photographer who will actually shoot on the day of their wedding.  Make sure to spend sufficient time in order to find a person that blends well with both you and your significant other.  It is important to find a photographer who understands your needs and wants – it is essential to have this understanding.  Look for a photographer who is fun, professional, and genuinely interested in taking pictures the way you want your wedding day to be remembered.


Tip #4
See a Start-to-Finish Album

A well-trained photographer should have several albums to view at the designated meeting time.  Consistently creating hundreds of stunning photographs in a single session requires a tremendous amount of training and skill.  Make sure there is a mutual understanding of the type of album you want, if the photographer has the power to create it, and find out how much the particular album runs.  It is essential to love the album or coffee table book that you will purchase to remember your big day by. 


Tip #5
Look for Professionalism

Whether it is an in-home studio or a commercially located studio, a professional photographer should and will always be fully invested in you.  It is crucial to find a photographer who is well established, referred by multiple places and consistently surprises you with creative touches and their attention to detail.


Tip #6
Invest in an Artist

Your wedding album will soon become one of your most treasured heirlooms.  Invest in an artist who will photograph your wedding day in a way that tells your true, unique story.  Be aware of all  prices and make sure that you, your significant other, and the photographer are all on the same page regarding exactly what you want to capture on your wedding day.


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