November Stylist's Choice

One word. Lavender. A lavender wedding dress? Do my eyes deceive me? Maggie Sottero has done it again with this stunning slim a-line, Mirian, in ivory lace over a lavender satin lining and I am absolutely in love with it! It almost made me second guess my own choice of bridal gown which I have already purchased for my summer wedding next August.

This chunky lace pattern screams “Celtic” to me which I absolutely love because of my European heritage, and also because who doesn't love something with Celtic flare? This gown would be perfect for any time of year, but it'd be particularly fitting for the ever popular “boho-chic” spring/summer wedding trend. I can totally picture this gown on an earthy bride. Her flowing hair adorned with a crown of babies breath, walking down a mossy candle-lit aisle in the middle of the wooded Pacific Northwest.

We recently received this gown in store with an incredible corset-back and if that doesn't make you want to say “YES” to this dress, you can also order these breath-taking cap sleeves (feature above) to finish of the look Come into Alicia's Bridal & The Formal House and see for yourself!


D.J. Davis: Bridal Stylist,

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