Mike & Amber September 2015

Mike and Amber met on-line. They texted and emailed for a couple of weeks before deciding to meet in person. They decided to meet for dinner on March 29th, 2012 and have been together ever since!

They got married on September 19th, 2015 at the Blaine Boat House. I asked Amber why she decided on this venue and here's what she had to say... “We originally chose the Bellingham Ferry Terminal and were planning to get married June 2016. Then life took an unexpected turn and we went through some hardships. Friends were losing loved ones, a close friend was in a bad car accident and then we lost our beloved dog Buddy who was more like my son than a pet. In March, we decided life was too short to wait and we decided to move up the wedding to September. The only bad thing was that we would no longer be able to afford the Ferry Terminal but we had the dilemma that we had already put the deposit down, and there was no possibility of a refund. After a couple months of searching different places and coming to dead ends, my close friend told me that she had gone to a friend’s wedding at the Blaine Boat House and for me to check it out. When she took me over there, we came to discover that the Blaine Boat House is run by the same people who run the Bellingham Ferry Terminal. Mike and I called right away and they transferred our deposit to reserve the Blaine Boat House. It was like the heavens opened up and the angels started singing. The Blaine Boat House was the perfect size for our small gathering of friends & family.”

Amber also mentioned that dress shopping was the easiest part of wedding planning! She said that it was “a tad stressful at first” because she's not one to wear dresses often and wasn't sure what would look good on her. However, she said that with the help of our staff at Alicia's Bridal, it was made an easy and enjoyable experience. The most difficult part of wedding planning for Amber was something that I think most brides struggle with, not knowing anything about wedding planning! Fortunately and unfortunately, most of us brides have never done this before and, if you're like me, you come from a family of all boys so you don't have many relatives that have wisdom to shed on the subject. But in the end, everything came together beautifully for Amber and Mike's big day.

One of Amber's favorite moments from her wedding day was getting ready in the morning with her mom and sister. She said “Lux Salon came to our hotel room and did our hair and Marqui with Marqui Artistry did our makeup. We’ve never had a chance to do that before and have always wanted to. It felt amazing to be pampered and beautified.” As every bride should feel that amazing on her wedding day!

Although getting pampered was amazing, it was nothing compared to how Amber felt leading up to and during her “first look” with Mike. It was pouring down rain as she pulled up with her mom and sister in the limo. She could see him looking out over the harbor as he waited for her and she started crying happy tears. She was escorted over to Mike as his back was turned. Once the photographer (Radley Muller) was ready “I told him 'I Love You' and told him he could turn around. The look on his face said it all.”

Amber also shared about her experience working with Alicia's Bridal. She said “I went into my first appointment a nervous wreck. Being plus size, I didn’t know if they would have a dress that would fit & look good on me. Tiffany was extremely professional, kind & helpful. She did a LOT of reassuring that we would find the perfect dress and that I had nothing to worry about. She made my experience light & fun. She never pressured me or made me feel uncomfortable in any way. I left with my head held high and feeling beautiful. I did go to another store to try on dresses and had the complete opposite experience. It was a nightmare. I immediately called & made a second appointment with Alicia’s. When I found my perfect dress (which happened to be the very first dress I ever tried on), it was really special to see the ladies in the store share the emotional moment with me. To see that they were genuinely happy for me with tears in their eyes, it really touched my heart.”

We're so thrilled with the experience that Amber shared with our staff here at Alicia's Bridal and we loved hearing all about how incredible her wedding day was. We asked her if she has any tips for future brides and she said “Don’t stress about trying to loose a ton of weight to get into “the perfect dress”. Your soul mate loves you for who you are. You need to find the dress that is perfect for you. Take it one day at a time. If you have questions, don’t ever be afraid to ask different vendors. For example, we were trying to figure out our florist. When we were talking with our photographer, he gave his recommendations. Then we went to talk with Mary Sue with M & M Floral, they turned out great and very helpful. And always remember what it is you’re doing; what is most important. You are marring your soul mate, best friend & partner in crime. It’s not about how fancy you can make your wedding & reception or how much money you can spend to make guests “happy”. This is a very special day & no amount of decorations or money can or will change that!”


D.J. Davis: Bridal Stylist, djdavis@aliciasbridal.com

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