Look Great in Your Wedding Photos!

Have you ever stood in front of the camera thinking, “These pictures are going to turn out great!” Then when you get the proofs back, much to your dismay, you feel unattractive and don’t want to display any of the pictures? Pictures are usually an important essential to your Big Day. You will want to have those memorable photos to look back on throughout the years and proudly display. So, now that you have hired the photographer, what can you do to ensure your pictures turn out great? Here are some tips and tricks to try out for your wedding day (or any other day for that matter). Brides and Bridesmaids read on!

1.      Take A Stance

When standing, don’t split your weight evenly. Put yourself on either one foot or the other. You will feel more natural this way. By putting most of your weight on one foot, you will create curves. No one wants to look like a stone statue in a picture. Bend your free knee and it will immediately sculpt your body into an array of photogenic angles.  By pushing your un-weighted foot forward, into a T-stance, you will add length to your leg making you appear taller.  If you are looking for a stance that will give you a slim-limbed look, try crossing on ankle over the other.

2.      We are never fully dressed without…?

A smile! 

When we are feeling awkward or embarrassed our facial muscles usually tighten, which limits you to one of two things: smiling or not smiling.  To loosen up those muscles, repeat out loud, “A-E-I-O-U.”  This will relax your muscles and give you a more natural range of expression. Also, a helpful trick is taking aspirin before taking pictures.  It helps to ease a headache that can occur from spending several hours holding smiles and poses. Aspirin can also help relax muscles.  Take a deep breath and remember why you’re being photographed.  The thought alone will likely put a genuine look of joy upon your face.

3.      Take the weight off of your shoulders.

Whether we like it or not, our posture conveys a strong message to how we are feeling.  Remember, straighten your back, toss your shoulders to the rear and engage your abdominal muscles.  Good posture not only makes your dress look better, but formal wear is designed with the assumption that the wearer knows how to hold the shape.  By standing tall, you get the most from your dress.  Try pushing your hips slightly forward.  This will create flair and a classy look that compliments your waistline.

4.      Idle hands are the devil’s plaything.

Hands.  By not knowing what to do with them, they could look awkward in photos.  You’ll think, “What was I doing with those things?”  Let one hand hang naturally and put the other casually on your hips. Tell your guys: “don’t clutch your lapels,” they should slip a flat hand into their front pocket.  As for your ladies: try to point your elbows to the back to add shape to narrow hips.  Or, point the elbows outward to create more space around voluptuous frames!

5.      Take it from the top!

To adjust the appearance of a round face shape and elongate the neckline, lift your chin away from your body! Angle your face at a 10-degree angle from the camera to get rid of extra chins.  Try tilting your head to the sky to de-emphasize a strong nose.

6.      Grading on the S curve.

By turning sideways and bringing your shoulders back to face the camera and accentuating the curve of your back, you gain some control over your hip lines.  This is especially good when the photographer shoots from slightly above, bringing more depth to your pose.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pictures

  •         Get used to the wedding attire before the big day.

If you feel statuesque in your dress, chances are, you’ll look like a statue in your pictures.

  •      Arrange to meet the photographer at the venue before the wedding.

Discuss any additional lighting that might be needed.  The photographer can only do so much with bad posture.  Good posture is largely lost in bad lighting.

  •        Consider an engagement session with your photographer.

This will ease your tension on the big day and you’ll get to know the photographer.  He or she will then have a pulse on what you need.

Look Sharp!

  • Don’t fidget with your strapless dress or bow tie!  Ever seen a flowergirl tug at her tights all night?  It’s an insecurity and you want to appear confident.
  • Don’t feel guilty about pouring through fashion magazines.  By doing this, you can find a pose you like. Try to recreate them and share them with your photographer so they can help you achieve them.
  • Don’t cross your legs while sitting in your gown, it’s not lady like while wearing a formal dress.  Instead cross your ankles and put your knees together.

It might be helpful to practice some or all of these tips and tricks before the Big Day.  You want to make it look natural and not something that requires work!  Good luck and happy posing!

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