Jon & Vanessa July 2015

“Jon and I met through mutual friends when I returned home from college after graduation. We went out to see a local band play at a bar downtown. He had such a great smile, it was infectious. He asked for my number and I couldn't come up with a reason to say no, the rest is history.” This was just the beginning of Jon and Vanessa's story and we are so thrilled that we were able to be a part of it. Vanessa found her dream Maggie Sottero gown, “Jade,” at Alicia's Bridal & The Formal House as well as her bridal party's formal wear.

We asked Vanessa to share with us a little bit about her big day and some details leading up to it. Vanessa said “I wanted our wedding to reflect our love and passion for the outdoors and the Pacific Northwest...” bringing about the couple's decision to be married at Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, Washington on July 20th, 2015.

When asked what her most and least favorite parts of wedding planning were, she responded saying “Planning was very difficult for me. It was just my mother and I who did all of the planning and we work together 40 hours a week as well, so finding time was a real challenge. My least favorite part would have to be getting everyone's opinions, sometimes you don't need it, so don't ask for it and do it your way. It gets confusing with too many chefs in the kitchen. My favorite part of planning was all the extra time I got to spend with my mother, although we were stressed out and spread thin, we had a lot of fun together.” That is some great advice that every bride needs to hear. Sometimes, thinking clearly and for yourself is more important than asking for everyone's opinions so that they feel included.

As long as you get to spend this experience bonding with the people that mean the most to you, the stress will all be worth it and will pay off in the end on that fateful day that you finally get to enjoy the important moments. When asked what her favorite moment from her wedding day was, Vanessa said “My favorite moment of the day was our first look. It was so special getting to have those few stolen moments with the love of your life, just before you take the next step in life together. I was a ball of nerves since the moment I woke up that morning, and getting to see Jon is exactly what I needed to ease my mind and get me amped up for the rest of our big day together. I highly recommend a first look to any couple who isn't looking to do things traditionally.” And thanks to Robin Co. Photography, the couple was able to truly capture the joy of that moment.

“Thank you to all the ladies at Alicia's! Without your help, I never would have found THE dress! Thanks for doing your jobs, and well!” Thank you, Jon and Vanessa, for allowing the staff here at Alicia's Bridal & The formal House to play such a big role in making your wedding day that much more special. We are so extremely pleased with how everything turned out congratulations to you both on your new journey together as a married couple!

Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero's "Jade" from Alicia's &The Formal House

Bridesmaids: Alfred Angelo from Alicia's & The Formal House

Tuxedos: Allure for Men from Alicia's & The Formal House

Venue: Semiahmoo Resort & Spa

Photographer: Robin Co. Photography

Florist: Botanikal with Colleen Elkins

DJ: Whatcom Sound

Hair: Something Different Salon

Makeup: Sarah Rorvig

Cupcakes: Mad Batter Cupcakes


D.J. Davis: Bridal Stylist,

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