How to stay sane on your wedding day!

Let's face it - wedding day can be stressful! All the preparation for the weeks and months before can wear you down a little. Giving yourself time to get everything done makes it less stressful, but with organization and a little crazy confidence you can pull off even a last minute wedding. We want you to enjoy your wedding so here are a few tips to make the day more fun!

  • Plan your bachelorette party for the week before so everyone in your wedding party can recover.  That goes for the groom too!
  • Make checklists for all of your wedding party, groom, and yourself. If it's written down you will probably get it done. Delegate!!!
  • Take the precaution and prepare an emergency kit with the following:


  1. needle and thread (colors per bride, bridesmaid, and guys too)
  2. flashtape (double sided body tape)
  3. spray deodorant (great on feet to prevent dye transfer and rubbing or the member of the bridal party that was in a hurry!)
  4. unscented baby wipes for spills on dresses
  5. safety pins
  6. iron (new) and or steamer (you can rent)
  7. umbrella (it is Washington!)
  8. extra pair of shoes to change into when your feet start to hurt
  9. Black socks for the guys (they always forget...)
  10. Hairspray
  11. Imodium (google it)
  12. Pain Reliever
  13. Eye drops (2-wetting solution and a redness reducer)
  14. Scissors 
  15. Static cling spray
  16. Crazy glue
  17. Snacks (granola bars, trail mix, cheese etc.)
  18. Sunscreen (use if umbrella is not needed- it's WA!)
  19. Water
  20. Antacids
  21. Mints
  22. Humor (a must!)


  • Wedding Planner or someone very organized and calm to corral people, make decisions and get the job done
  • DJ or MC to get the party started and keep it rolling (cake cutting, toasts, first dance, etc.)
  • Your favorite music to get ready for your big day! It always lightens the mood - make it fun!
  • Have a runner. Someone designated to be at your beck and call when you need something. Don't let the power go to your head though, you do want to remain friends afterwards...
  • A little meditation right before you walk down the aisle to remember why you are getting married to the love of your life today. Let everything else go, even if it didn't happen the way you planned. Make the day memorable for all the right reasons. Enjoy!
  • Thank everyone for sharing in your wedding day - especially parents, wedding party, vendors, guests, etc. Good Karma will come back to you on your honeymoon! :)


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