Gifting your Lovely Ladies

We offered up a some ideas for man gifts a few weeks ago.  Now it’s time for the ladies!  We’re following some similar premises here, opting for gift ideas that your gals would happily utilize again long after the big day is done (we’re anti-”I’m-the-maid-of-honor”-tees).  But we’ve also considered a few things that lend itself to custom options.  What girl doesn’t love to get a gift that you got specifically for her?  Exactly.  See what you think!

First up is jewelry from Heidi Hull Designs.  While gifting your girls with jewelry they can wear to the main event isn’t a new idea, ordering custom made pieces for each maid may not have crossed your mind yet.  We love the idea of selecting a single gem or bead style, like pearls, and ordering each piece to reflect the personality of each bridesmaid.  You’ll have a beautifully cohesive group of women by your side and they’ll appreciate that you didn’t select a cookie cutter set of stones to grace them that day.  And even better, when you order from Heidi Hull, your pieces come beautifully packaged with their tagline “Made Especially for You”.  Perfection!  Prices vary.  Contact directly to discuss what options would be available in your price range.

We offered up a cookbook on the men’s post and it’s only fair we present one here as well.  We love the idea of gifting a cookbook that reflects your wedding – Especially the one above that’s all about chic camping food, perfect for a woodsy wedding!  But again, you can also buy to the women that are with you and select a book that reflects each of them individually.  If their favorite food Thai or chocolate?  Do they love to bake or mix up specialty cocktails at girls’ night?  Have fun picking out what might suit them best and be sure to write a special message to them inside.  Campfire Cookery available at Amazon.  $20

We found these on Etsy and absolutely adored them!  These custom clutches by Davie and Chiyo are lovely and perfect for a formal wedding.  They offer up a variety of styles and colors allowing you to tailor each one individually.  Or simply select one in the color of your wedding and select individual styles.  Prices start at $80 but go down depending on the number ordered.

Toms are pretty big right now and we can’t agree more that they look pretty fun too.  Especially their line of glitter Classic Toms in gold, black, blue, silver, pink, and white.  If you’re the kind of bride that expects your ladies to get down on the dance floor, these would make a fun and definitely re-usable gift.  Your gals can kick off their formal stilettos after your portraits are done and kick their heels up to the music.  $54 available at Toms.

Have you checked out Jonathan Adler yet?  We love all of the fun, modern and happy things that are available on that site.  Like this uber chic and fun reed diffuser. After the scent is gone, you’re still left with a beautiful and trendy bud vase.  Or these crazy adorable elephant salt and pepper shakers…or his line of cheerful office supplies and stationery papers.  I mean honestly, I could spend all day swooning over the pieces available here.  He has quite a few pricey pieces but the option to shop by price range on his website is handy allowing a bride with any budget to shop accordingly.

Now to wrap it all up.  The Wedding Chicks has a variety of super cute tote bags to choose from on their site starting at just $10!  Many can be customized (I’m thinking names of your maids?  Or a fun phrase or inside joke shared between you all?) or simply choose from one of the many cute designs they already have available.  We’re smitten with the retro orange heart pattern, but see what you think!  They have designs that scream of vintage, modern, retro, and more.

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