Support Local: Heidi Hull Designs

I recently moved to Washington from the Midwest, making me the newest bridal stylist at Alicia's. Something I noticed immediately about the PNW is the trend of supporting local. I love it! The local business is not the only thing benefiting from this- the surrounding community also has the chance to thrive! That being said, we would like to highlight one of our designers, Heidi Hull Designs. Heidi Hull Designs is featured at several shops located across the country, including Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. What we love about Heidi Hull Designs, though, is that its home is right here in Bellingham! 

Jewelry, veils, belts, and hairpieces are among the wedding accessories this local business specializes in. Using sterling silver and 14k gold, Heidi Hull Designs creates quality items that will last beyond the wedding day. You can choose from elegant and romantic styles, or bold and vibrant pieces that are sure to be noticed. You can even inquire about custom accessories if there's something unique you've been dreaming about! 

Stop by Alicia's Bridal to get more information and view the collections Heidi Hull Designs offers!


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