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National Bridal Sale Event
This event was 3 months ago.

This is it ladies! Don't miss the #National Bridal Sale Event going on Saturday, July 15th through July 29th at Alicia's Bridal & Alicia's Outlet! Hundreds of wedding Dresses, maids, mother's dresses and more will be 10% to over 95% off!  We... Read more

  • B. Jones Photography Blog about Alicia's Bridal


    1. Tell Us About Your Shop. I Hear It's Been In The Family For YEARS!
    Yes, just a few! Alicia's Bridal & The Formal House have been owned by the... Read more

  • In Defense of Broad Shoulders

    “I have man shoulders.”

    “My shoulders are so square.”

    “I don't want to look like a football player.”

    These comments are usually accompanied by a self-conscious shrug of the... Read more

  • by Tiffany Holden, Stylist

    Let's say a bride comes shopping in October for her wedding the following September. She finds a wedding dress she likes but decides not to order that day. After all, The Knot... Read more

  • Keshia & Austin's Wedding at DeLack Estates - August 31, 2014

    On a sunny Sunday at the beautiful and intimate DeLack Estates, high school sweethearts Keshia and Austin were married, surrounded by friends and family. We caught up with the happy newlyweds and asked them to share their... Read more

  • Tom & Heather's Wedding at Thornewood Castle  - March 16th, 2014
    Heather and Tom first met at a costumed charity benefit for Leukemia and Lymphoma. Read on to hear about their oh-so-elegant wedding at the historic Thornewood Castle last winter.

    Did you have a theme or color

    ... Read more
  • In the presence of family and friends, high school sweethearts Heidi and Andrew said their vows during an amazing summer day on August 1st, 2014 at Semiahmoo Resort in Blain, Washington

    ... Read more

  • A dress that is oft-overlooked due to its straight-across neckline in an era of sweetheart-neck dominion, this gorgeous gown by Justin Alexander is nonetheless a stunning gown for the bride who wants to look like a princess on... Read more

  • After the cake is eaten, the toasts are drunk, and the happy couple are off to a sunny honeymoon, what happens to the wedding gown? Many newlywed brides hang it up in their closet or in a box under the bed, giving it little... Read more

  • With the new Cinderella coming out in theaters this weekend, I spent the week wondering: "what would Disney's leading ladies wear to their wedding in 2015?" Here are my top picks for nine of everyone's favorite princesses:... Read more