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Jasmine Collection Trunk Show
March 30, 2018 - 10:00am to March 31, 2018 - 5:30pm

It's our first Jasmine Bridal Collection Trunk Show! Jasmine Bridal will be sending us the best of the 2018 season for you to fall in love with on... Read more

  • “I have out of town groomsmen…what do I do?”

    Tuxedos for your wedding party can be the easiest part of planning your wedding if you do it right!  Most wedding parties are scattered all over the country and getting them correctly fitted prior to arriving at... Read more

  • It is essential to find the perfect photographer for your wedding day.  A well-chosen photographer will make your day smoother and carefree.  To find your perfect fit, consider these tips... Read more

  • Subtle Fabric Choices Can Make Grand Statements
    To make sure that your wedding gown is the perfect fit for your personality, take a gander at the following descriptions, as these sculptural dress styles illustrate how... Read more

  • What do all these terms mean?

    In the bridal world, there are all kinds of terms that get thrown around, and it’s hard to keep them straight.  So let me make that easier for you!  This way,

    ... Read more
  • Wedding dress shopping is probably the most stressful part of a wedding.  You want something that looks amazing, goes with the feeling of your wedding, and is comfortable.  How on earth are you going to find all of... Read more

  • A lot people have been asking recently why they need someone to help them find a wedding dress.  After all, they can shop for their own party dress; how is a wedding gown any different?  (Ok, so maybe it isn’... Read more